DB is a service available in different languages around the world.
Connecting businesses and users without intermediaries and commissions charged for paying for services around the world.
This is of a great benefit for people who would like to have any service in one app only. It is useful for organizations that, instead of advertising and a developing a website, want the placement on a Double Bubble to be just enough.
Choosing leisure activities, ordering food, renting transport, renting real estate, distance learning, remote working, online shopping and emergency assistance.
Created specifically for businesses with all the necessary and user interaction.
Double Bubble - is :
Company mission
One platform
Double Bubble Coin - is
The main coin of the project, created for anonymous mutual settlements.
With its help you can make all payments on the platform.
Convenient transfers in the system.
As well as generous bonuses for helping the project.
Intuitive, fast and affordable transfers, anonymity and reliability
We strive
To make transfers safe and the use as convenient as possible
We have created
Blockchain Ecosystem
This is an ecosystem that combines all events, villa rentals,
restaurants, clubs, tours, transport and other online
services for users and businesses.
The convenience of DB is that all services are on
the same platform. The trend of the future is global services that have already united millions of organizations around the world.
Double Bubble
Connects users and the service, making the interaction
as fast and comfortable as possible
What will you get by becoming a member of the project
Advanced technologies, scaling, availability of all markets
The opportunity to increase your capital
Anonymous payments around the world
A perfect business management system
Methods of participation
Invite people through the referral program and get a percentage of their purchases.
Become a sponsor of the project and increase your capital!
Learn more
Take part in the development of the project. Tell us about your experience and we will contact you.
Adding the official DBC coin
to the following exchanges:

Approximate listing date

February 2022

Why Double Bubble?
It is an international free platform in different languages ​​with an easy-to-use control system. It helps to navigate the terrain, has a reliable data storage service, as well as user and business accounts.
• Possibility of choosing leisure activities, ordering food, renting vehicles and real estate.

• Distance learning, teleworking, online shopping and emergency assistance.

• A platform that knows what the business needs.

• A universal assistant who will find any services.

• An advertising platform for organizations that, instead of complex marketing and website development, only need to place themselves on Double Bubble.

The company's mission is to connect businesses and users around the world without intermediaries and commissions charged for paying for services.

A kind of free "helper" in a convenient format for users.
Shows online what is happening around you, events, activities and various leisure activities, useful and applicable content in everyday life. It allows you to assess the situation around, understand how long it will take to get to the selected place, watch the 360 ​​tour and see all the necessary information about the place, phones, prices and make a choice. Everything is very simple and intuitive.
Stages of DBC token sales
1 DBC = 0.50$
Closed sales
1st round
15.07 - 31.07
Early investors
Closed sales
2nd round
1 DBC = 0.75$
01.08 - 31.08
01.09 - 31.10
Closed sales
3th round
1 DBC = 1$
Public sales
1 DBC = от 3$
Where will your investments go
Scaling the project
Entering new markets
Expansion of the functionality of the system,
introduction of new digital solutions
New services
Double Bubble
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