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How to buy DBC
How to buy DBC token?
To buy a DBC token, you need to buy BNB or another currency from the list in the form, transfer them to the Trust Wallet, buy DBC through the form on the Double Bubble website.
BNB can be bought on any exchange.
In our case, we will consider How to buy BNB from a bank card on the Binance exchange. you can use another currency from the list.
  1. Click on the Binance, or download the Binance mobile application to your smartphone and register
  2. On the Binance home screen, find the Credit / Debit Card panel
3. Select BNB from the list
Enter the amount of BNB and click "Continue"
5. Click "Add new card"
6. Fill in the card details
7. Then enter the address
8. After the security check, the purchase will take place and the funds (BNB) will be displayed in your Binance wallet
The next step is to install the Trust Wallet
Download the Trust Wallet wallet to your smartphone
for iPhone → Trust Wallet
for Android → Trust Wallet

Sign-up is not required, however, make sure you saved the backup phrase
We will transfer the purchased BNB from the Binance wallet to the Trust Wallet
  1. Go to the Trust Wallet and click "Get"
2. Find the Smart Chain in the list
3. Сlick Copy
4. Go back to Binance, click wallets
5. Click withdraw funds, BNB
6. Select the BEP20 network and insert the Smart Chain address from the Trust Wallet.
BNB will appear on your Trust Wallet balance.
How to buy DBC on the Double Bubble website
  1. Go to the Double Bubble website
  2. Find the "Buy DBC" form (You can find it on the main page)
3. Enter the amount of BNB or another currency by opening the list with the dropdown arrow
The number of DBC will be displayed automatically at the current exchange rate

4. Click on the Trust Wallet button at the bottom of the form
You can also scan a QR code
5. Click " Open in Trust Wallet"
6. The recipient's address and the amount of BNB will be displayed automatically
7. Click "Next" and confirm the transaction

8. After sending, please send the information in the form below (You can find it on the main page)
9. It's done! DBC tokens will be credited to your account and automatically displayed in the Trust Wallet
Sincerely, the Double Bubble team!