Double Bubble
How to pay
How to pay?
You can pay for tokens on the website, using the payment form. It is located in the sections:
  • Main page
  • DB Coin
  • White Paper
First step
To find out the amount required for payment, enter the amount of DBC that you want to purchase in the upper line of the form or the amount that you are ready to deposit in another currency in the lower line.
Next, the calculator will calculate the entire required amount at the current exchange rate.
You can choose a currency by clicking on the arrow that is located near "BNB", then you will have a list of available currencies.
second step
After all the lines have been filled in, by clicking on the "Trust Wallet" button, you will be transferred to the application of your wallet for payment
If you haven't installed a wallet yet, then find out how to do it - here!

You can scan the QR code and you will receive the address of the wallet to which you need to transfer funds for the purchase.
Third step
After clicking on the "Trust Wallet" button in the wallet, the recipient's address and the amount of BNB will be displayed automatically.
Click "Next" and confirm the transaction

After the transaction, please send the information in the form below (You can find it on the main page)
It's done! DBC tokens will be credited to your account and will be automatically displayed in the Trust Wallet within one business day.
Sincerely, the Double Bubble team!