This is a platform that brings users and business together. With a convenient management and payment system. If you have your own business, then you will not have to spend time and money on advertising or creating your own website. You just need to be on the platform!

You can test the platform demo right now!
Demo version of the Double Bubble platform
Double Bubble Сoin
The main coin of the project, created for anonymous settlements. It provides all payments on the platform.
Convenient, fast, affordable transfers, and reliability.
Make transfers safe and convenient to use!
And also the accrual of bonuses for helping the project.
The latest technology, the interest in which has grown along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Today, it is widely discussed not only in the world of finance. Blockchain is already being tried to be used for storing and processing personal data and identification and in marketing.
Anonymous payments can be used both for payments on the platform itself and outside it
With DB Messenger, you can not only exchange messages, but also transfer funds.
It is possible to synchronize chats from other messengers so that all your chats are in one place.
Fully secured chats with the best protection.

By clicking on the button, you can test the PC version of the messenger.
Double Bubble messenger
DB messenger
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USDBNB Smart Chain
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BNB Smart Chain
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