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The relevance of the project is checked
The online section of the service, where all the events around you are displayed in real time. Concerts, open air, promo, etc... businesses can place ads. It's an opportunity that has been created for creative people to hold events and earn money from it.
Online section
Double Bubble
You can see everything that is happening
in real time and in a place that interests you!
Rental of real estate
and apartments
We have a wide selection of real estate to choose from, to provide you a relaxing & comfortable vacation. In addition you'll find reviews and photos and you can get a real experience by taking VR tour
Buying property​
Choose and buy!
Villas, apartments, Land. Inside the DB Platform you can get expert advice and make the choice even if you don't speak the language or if you are located in another country
Trusted lawyers will help you make a deal​
We have collected all the places for users in one place. You can select by reviews, sort by rating. We made it even easier for you where you can make an order, pay the bill and even call the waiter to the table. VR tour is included.
Choose a restaurant by rating and reviews
Get transportation
In DB, you can rent not only a comfortable car,
but also another, alternative form of transportation, such as a yacht,
private jet or helicopter.
Depends on your mood and needs​
with a professional lawyer
Red cross
If you suddenly need emergency care,
on the platform you will find contacts of hospitals, police stations and everything that a person needs
for health and safety!
Double Bubble provides an opportunity to earn money for those who help in the development of our service!
Find remote work!
Payment via smart contract
We took care of the business!
For a small subscription fee, business owners get all the tools in one box. On the DB, you can post up – to – date information about yourself, you don't need a site that receives additional traffic-reducing marketing costs. We don't care when you opened up your business. A business account is available for everyone.
do you produce goods and services?
A Marketplace has been created for you on Double Bubble. We have already set up a payment and delivery system for you.
We have divided the store into two sections:
1) Handmade
2) Large manufacturers
This arrangement will create a balance between small producers and large ones. To the first category, we attributed crafts, paintings, all the handmade creative, as well as pastries, cakes and other things .
You get:
built-in payment system
Magic People
A platform where you can find a specialist who will help you cope with your problems in life. You will be able to completely change your life.
As well as coaches who will help you achieve your goals. Only proven specialists in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, psychosomatics, holistic therapy and many other specialists in our platform
There is the possibility
of online training
Swap is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that is located inside a Blockchain wallet. Swap allows users to quickly and easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another, without having to use fiat money as an intermediary, as well as without having to leave your Blockchain wallet altogether. Thanks to Swap, you can quickly make exchanges.
Double Bubble Coin
Mobile devices, desktop, web application for easy transaction management, authorization and full access to the functionality of the DB service.
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