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Double Bubble
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Due to the fact that the Double Bubble Service is a unique ecosystem, a combination of traditional destinations, a platform for travelers and Blockchain, for ease of study, we have divided the document into 2 parts:
1. Double Bubble Services and services
2. Blockchain Double Bubble
The document is constructed in this order.

Terms and abbreviations
DB – Double Bubble
Events – events, such as concerts, promos, presentations, etc.1.

Service Double Bubble
Double Bubble is an international platform that will be useful not only for travelers, but also for residents of the countries where the service operates.
It is an ecosystem that combines all events, villa rentals, restaurants, clubs, tours, transportation and other online services for users and businesses.
The convenience of DB is that all the services are on the same platform. For example, you can use the "smart home" technology, when from one personal account in an application or on a website, you get access to everything you need at once. This is useful for organizations that, instead of marketing and a website, just need to place themselves on Double Bubble.
The trend of the future is global services that have already united millions of organizations around the world. Now briefly about all the services and features of DB
1.1 Events. Online DB section

The online section of the service, where all the events around you are displayed in real time. Concerts, open air, promo. Here, businesses can place ads. An opportunity has been created for creative people to hold events and earn money from it.

1.2 Rent of villas, hotels, apartments

Inside DB, the choice of real estate for recreation is as comfortable as possible, in addition to reviews and photos, you can get real impressions by making a virtual tour.

1.3 Transport rental

In DB, you can rent not only a comfortable car, but also another, alternative form of transport, such as a yacht, private plane or helicopter.

1.4 Restaurants

We have collected all the places for users in one place. You can select by reviews, sort by rating.
But we went even further, without leaving your personal account, you can make an order, pay the bill and even call the waiter to the table.
A VR tour is also possible here.

1.5 Buying a property

Villas, apartments, land plots. Inside the DB, you can get expert advice and make a choice even if you:
1. Do not speak the language
2. You are on another continent
Take a VR tour.

1.6 Lawyer consultation

A separate section for users. Ask your question online. How to apply for a visa, insurance, register real estate and any other.

1.7 Red cross

For your convenience, we have placed the "Red Button" in a separate section. If you need help, you'll get it here.

1.8 Job

The DB team has developed and implemented a number of services for creative people.
Job search, freelancing – only real numbers and verified employers.
Reward for helping the service.
Online streams.

1.9 Business opportunities

For a small subscription fee, business owners get all the tools in one box. On the DB, you can post up – to – date information about yourself-you don't need a site that receives additional traffic-reducing marketing costs. We don't care when you opened up. A business account is available for everyone.
The following section is created specifically for product manufacturers.

1.10 Marketplace

We have divided the store into two sections:
1. Handmade
2. Major manufacturers
This arrangement will create a balance between small producers and large ones.
To the first category, we attributed crafts, paintings, all the handmade creative path that is sold in a piece version , as well as pastries, cakes and other things .
Summarizing a brief description of the DB services, we can distinguish the main groups of users of the platform:
• Travelers (booking hotels, transport, etc.)
• Local residents (monitoring current events, earning money on the service)
• Creative people (yoga, seminars, online streams)
• Businesses (restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.)
• Product manufacturers
• Handmade
The benefits for each individual group are entertainment, earnings, and advertising.
We have considered only one part of the Double Bubble ecosystem, the traditional one, and we are smoothly approaching the part designed specifically to provide everything described above, the Double Bubble Blockchain.

2. Blockchain Double Bubble

Thinking about what new DB can bring to users, we could not pass by the technologies that " everyone has heard” for the last 5 years. Blockchain technologies are gradually entering our lives. For DB, we took the TOP-all the latest developments, adapted them to our tasks, and made the DB blockchain.
By combining new and traditional technologies, we have created a decentralized, secure system.
Next, we will look at how the interaction occurs.

2.1 Key features of the blockchain

As a basis, we used Substrate Polka dot. The Polkadot network protocol allows you to transfer any type of data, not just tokens – this solves the problem of decentralizing the service on users ' devices around the world.
A cryptographic protocol that uses public probabilistically verifiable zero-knowledge proofs.
The technology allows users to share verified information without disclosing it, or perform calculations with a third party without disclosing the calculations.
The service uses the YAL-STARK technology. Based on it, we have developed a number of technical solutions and applied them to our blockchain for the first time:
• Verifiable Delay Functions based on ZK.
• ZK-based bridges with ZK bookmark proofs.

2.2 Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent Argument of


• ZK order book with aggregation of liquidity from other blockchains.
In order to maintain a high level of security of the DB blockchain, not only at present, but also in the near future, we decided to use Postquantum Cryptography in our algorithms.

2.3 General structure

The DB network is a well-developed decentralized structure that uses disk mining to help the site work. It includes both standard Substrate Polkadot modules and modules designed specifically for the DB blockchain.
The payment method in the system is Double Bubble Coin (DBC)

2.4 Basic functionality

The DB service user interacts with the system via the blockchain.
• Authorization via the blockchain opens all accesses on the server.
• The block stores information about user profiles, and uses a private key to decrypt the information.
• Stores a list of validators and their rewards.
• Processes transactions

2.5 Control unit

The user controls the system, via the DB Wallet interface, and:
• edits your account and profile in the blockchain
• manages fashion
• enables and disables block validation
• manages distributed secure storage

2.6 DB Blockchain Modules

In this section, we will look at the interaction scheme and the main modules built into the DB Blockchain.
2.7 Blockchain Double Bubble

The main code of the node is built on the basis of Substrate Polkadot using the C# programming language. The maximum block size is 21 MB, blocks are generated every 30 seconds. The commission for a block depends on the transactions included in it.

2.8 Addressing wallets

As a basis, DB uses the built-in wallet addressing system Substrate Polka dot.
A 24-word mnemonic (set phrase) is used to create a private and public key and wallet address.

2.9 Block Explorer

Provides blockchain users with convenient access to information about current blocks, transactions, and wallet states.

2.10 DB Wallet

Mobile, desktop, web application for easy transaction management, authorization and full access to the functionality of the DB service.

2.11 Validator

The software, the owner of which, confirmed the possession of a steak in the amount of 100,000 USDT. The validator strengthens the consensus of the network and has the right to generate and sign blocks in accordance with the procedure established by the system, for which he receives a reward, white coins and is allowed to vote and manage the approval of protocols.

2.12 Mini Validator

A mobile device that confirms transactions on the parchain, which enhances the security of the consensus.

3. Market Description

The development of the technical part of the project was carried out in 2020, at a time when everything decentralized was gaining particular popularity. Defi, decentralized exchanges, Web 3.0-Double Bubble has absorbed all the latest technologies to be the first.
The relevance of large sites that combine all the institutions of a particular industry has long been proven by such companies as Booking, Uber, AirBnB, but progress does not stand still and new technologies are replacing the old ones.
In Double Bubble, we decided for the first time to combine a large-scale online booking service and Blockchain technology. We have collected the best that is in this direction and implemented a completely new ecosystem in which each user can become a part of the system, provide assistance to the service and earn money from it.
Today, it is no secret that you can earn money from mining cryptocurrency, but it requires expensive equipment and knowledge. In Double Bubble, every device, even a smartphone, can become part of the network and perform a certain role.
You will agree that it is much easier to connect a phone than to buy an expensive video card.
Someone can become a validator, someone can provide disk
space. Thus, each user becomes a part of a single mechanism and receives a reward for this.
To sum up, we can safely say that Double Bubble is a service that claims to be a leader in decentralized products.

3.1 Road map

The project is under pre-launch revision. The launch of the blockchain and wallets is scheduled for the first half of April 2021.
In 2020, a test launch of the DB service took place in Indonesia on the island of Bali. In the first days of operation, there was a great interest in the platform from both users and organizations. We have received requests for accommodation and the readiness of a huge number of establishments to accommodate in the future.
At the time of the first release of the platform, all the code will be placed in open sources. Before the start, for obvious reasons, the information is not fully disclosed.
Attention! Due to the large number of users, tokens will be credited within one business day.
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